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      We're ready for our close-up!

      As you may have noticed, we were closed for special events on Sunday and Thursday this week. Well, it was really one big special event and that event happened to be that we were filming for a television show!

      A couple months ago, we were approached by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and after many extensive phone conversations, we learned that we were selected for the show. It all happened very quickly, and we received a week's notice for the first filming date, but we were up to the challenge.

      We spent almost all of Sunday filming strictly in the kitchen, but we also invited some friends along to serve as extras.

      On Thursday, Guy Fieri himself spent a couple hours at the shop filming with us and talking to guests. He said he loved the food and had onlyย good things to say! We were told the episode will air sometime later this summer, so of course we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

      We want to extend many thanks to all of you for your patience with the inconvenience of our closures this week. And also thank you, of course, to everyone who took time out of their days to come in and help us film! This will only mean good things for The Herbivorous Butcher, and we are thrilled to have had this experience.


      By Billy @ vicfarmmeats.com, on

      So glad to hear your place was featured. Love the show and love the restaurant!

      By Linda M, on

      Your food looks Amazing! Bravo to Triple D for show casing your space and that vegan food has so much flavor.
      May your restaurant thrive and get more people to eat meatless

      By Jacki, on

      Just saw your episode…wishing I lived in Minneapolis!! Loved it!!!

      By Nelle, on

      I am so excited for you guys!!!! Imagine the publicity! Couldn’t be prouder right now. :)

      By Jeannie, on

      This is huge! ? Sharing!

      By Susan Harrie, on

      I am thrilled that you are getting the attention you deserve! I can’t wait to see the episode and to see Guy realizing that there is awesome vegan food out there!

      By Joanne Mitchell, on

      I was thrilled to read about you both and learn of your shop and the difference you’re making in your city. I hope that someday soon you will branch out and offer franchises so your fantastic offerings can be enjoyed by many!

      By Karen, on

      This is great!

      By buffy summers, on

      that is soo cool and will bring you great exposure to others that may not have heard of you!!

      By MArge, on

      Great news! He needs more vegan on his show!

      By Lo, on

      I hope you have inspired Guy to offer some vegan goodness in his own restaraunts! I live near them in Sonoma County and me and the thousands of vegans here would actually go there if he did!

      By JOANNE , on

      I still watch Triple D sometimes even though I have been vegan 5 years. I just enjoy Guy. I can’t wait to see you on Triple D. This should let MANY people know there are good tasty plant based options! Congrats to you and take my email and let me know when the show will air! Then open a shop here in Denver!!!!

      By Joni Garcia, on

      Wow! I loved Guy’s show, but since going vegan, cannot enjoy. So, so, so happy they are including vegan options in his program. It really is the future, so smart on producer’s or whomever’s part.

      By victor fernandez, on

      I’ll be watching that episode. Thanks for spreading the veganism with your craft foods and dedication.

      By Tree Dunn , on

      I love that show. Excited to see you on there. Congratulations.

      By Vegan Boots, on

      That is fantastic! Congratulations!!!

      By Ana Gabriel, on

      This is so great! I’m so happy for your success and I wish you much more!

      By Kathryn, on

      Fantastic! Really, really hope we’ll get to see this in the UK!

      By Ellen Edwards-Thrasher, on

      Hello from the beef eating state of Texas ! Glad to say I am NOT one of them ! I am VEGAN and proud of it !
      Congratulations on the Awesome butcher shop, I am sure it has lots of meat eaters frowning ….. I can’t wait to see the episode on Guy’s show !
      Please keep up the great work and " Bless yer hearts ! โค๏ธ

      By Lori Heath, on

      You are our “Prince” of vegan foods. The Herbivourous Butcher rocks the plant based food in a delirious I mean delicious way!

      By Carol, on

      That is Wonderful!!!!!

      By Joe Maier, on

      I came on Thursday during my layover in MSP on my way to Florida and stopped by and even know you were closed the owners still hooked me up with the Italian Cold Cut Sandwich! It was amazing! I cant wait to be stuck in MSP again! Keep up the amazing work

      By Mike, on

      Congrats on all the exposure. Well deserved.

      By Nancy Weaver, on

      So happy for you guys! You guys deserve all the accolades bestowed on you. You are beautiful, amazing people…inside and out!!

      By Kyle, on

      this is awesome!

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