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An evening with Moby at Magers & Quinn

We found out several months ago that Magers & Quinn arranged for Moby to do a book reading and signing for his new memoir, Porcelain. Many know him as a singer-songwriter and DJ, but a big part of why we love him is for his passion for animal rights. Naturally, we reached out and offered to make food for the event.

We'd had dreams of a 6-foot vegan party sub, and the rockstars at Breadsmith were able to make our dreams come true. Butcher Brita assembled not one, but two, of these vegan bad boys, and we offered a Turkey and Camembert with Bacon Onion Jam, and a Chicken Caprese to the guests who attended the reading. Check them out!

And for the sake of a different perspective...

Moby read three excerpts from Porcelain and provided some additional anecdotes about his fascinating life. During the Q&A, someone asked if he had a Prince story, and he mentioned a time when he was at a dance club and, "I looked over, and Prince was standing there. He's very little."

Another guest asked about what he does to stay clean and sober, and he told us, "I keep a list of all the consequences of drinking and using. It reminds my synapses of what happens when I drink."

We found Moby incredibly charming, humble, and funny, and we look forward to visiting his restaurant Little Pine when we travel to LA in June for Vegan Beer & Food Festival.


By Christina Richards, on

Moby seems like such an awesome dude! So jelly you got to hang out and I want a bite of that sandwich!


By Dad, on

Aubry & Kale,

You met Moby and didn’t invite your Dad? You know Memory Gospel is one of my all time favorites.

You probably aren’t going to take me to Mars either are you?


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