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Mississippi Mushrooms Tour

The time is drawing near for The Herbivorous Butcher Food Truck to hit the streets, and one partnership we're developing is with Mississippi Mushrooms. They welcomed us to their space for a tour, and it's a pretty fascinating set up.

Ian explained the process of growing mushrooms and ways they include other local businesses to help decrease waste. For instance, they use sawdust from Wood From The Hood and brewer's grain from nearby breweries as the base for growing fungi. 

They're growing several different kinds of mushrooms, and there's a science to it, no question.

The main mushrooms that the food truck will utilize are King Oyster Mushrooms (below) to make plant-based pulled pork.

The final step in their process to decrease waste is composting. Nearly all of the waste from their processes is composted on-site, then local people such as gardeners can purchase it from them.

The business is growing, and they hope to offer an outdoor event space at some point. Be sure to check them out!

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