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People Serving People

People Serving People is an emergency shelter in downtown Minneapolis, and we've partnered with them to help minimize our food waste in addition to providing vegan food for their residents. Each week, we donate anywhere from 50 to 70 pounds of vegan meat to them that they prepare and serve out of their kitchen.

Check out these facts PSP provided:

· 52% of individuals experiencing homelessness are families in Minnesota.

· People Serving People is the region’s largest and most comprehensive family-focused homeless shelter.

· The average length of stay was 41 days in 2016.

· In 2016, People Serving People sheltered 3,088 individuals. That equated to 1,070 families with 1,883 children; more than 60% of our guests were children with average age of just 6 years old.

· Our broad range of onsite programs include advocacy, parent engagement, early childhood development, employment, family support, and educational services to K-12 students.

· Combining safe and secure emergency shelter housing with community services, People Serving People helps address and find ways to overcome common barriers faced by families experiencing homelessness.

We especially love their focus on educating youth, and they have many bright, fun classrooms.

Learn more about PSP on their website: www.peopleservingpeople.org



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