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Restaurant Partner: Aster Cafe

Aster Cafe is only a few minutes' walk from the shop, and when the weather is nice, there's nothing better than enjoying the view of the river and downtown Minneapolis from their patio. They also regularly host live music performances.

Aster Cafe's spring menu currently features our Korean Ribs that you can enjoy in their Banh Mi or Bibimbap Rice Bowl. Hold the aioli on the Banh Mi and the egg on the Rice Bowl.
You may find the Bibimbap Rice Bowl more flavorful since the Gochujang sauce ties the dish together. We recommend asking if you can sub the aioli on the Banh Mi for the Gochujang sauce.

Note that there's an Almond Milk Panna Cotta on the dessert menu but it is not vegan.

Aster Cafe
125 Southeast Main Street
Minneapolis, MN

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