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Restaurant Partner: Spoonriver

Spoonriver Restaurant can be found in downtown Minneapolis next to Guthrie Theater. They have some vegan-friendly offerings, including the Sans Viande Charcuterie which includes our Italian Sausage and Dill Havarti.

You'll also enjoy ginger-glazed mock duck, miso paté, apricot & stone ground mustard, crackers, and a house pickled vegetable salad. Be sure to mix and match the various flavors and textures. Owner Brenda Langton recommends the paté and mustard:

We also tried our Dill Havarti on a cracker with cucumber and red beet.

This charcuterie makes a great appetizer! Customers can also order a Dips appetizer that includes hummus and veggies or a Vietnamese Mock Duck Salad, and you can inquire about other dishes that can be made vegan. The menu changes seasonally.

Spoonriver Restaurant
750 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN


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