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Richard's July Update

Sir Richard would like to wish you all a happy July! He and his friend Marlon are enjoying some new digs at the Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary location, and they couldn't be more happy that summer is in full swing. 

The last time we checked in with Richard, the snow had only just begun to melt. Now they have new neighbors at their new barn, and a new area to explore for bugs! Chickens make for excellent pest control since they love finding grubs and bugs in the dirt to enjoy as a tasty treat. 

Richard is such a handsome Jersey Giant, and we're thrilled that he can live out his life feeling happy and safe.

You can sponsor an animal at Farm Sanctuary, too! Click here to learn more.

Thank you to our friends at Farm Sanctuary for helping us out with the photos and updates, and make sure to check out Liza's June update.


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