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First Avenue's Wilco and Kurt Vile and The Violators

We headed to Historic Hall's Island on August 20 to serve up some hot eats for Wilco and Kurt Vile and The Violators. What made it on the menu? Let us show you...

After the Chicken & Waffles Bowl was such a big hit at Portland's EatDrinkVegan, we knew we had to give the home crowd a taste. We made savory waffles including bacon bits and chives, then topped the fried chicken with syrup and more bacon bits and chives.

Since the Minnesota State Fair is just around the corner, we also thought Korean ribs on a stick would go over well. And they did!

Finally, summer always screams "beer brats!" to us, so we made a fresh batch with Bauhaus Brew Labs' Wonderstuff and topped them with peppers and onions.

Sending thanks to everyone who stopped by. We had a blast!

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