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Easy Summer Salad

Even if it's not summer, a salad like this is perfect for channeling warmer weather. We kept it simple and versatile.

Start with fresh greens of your choice, and add sliced strawberries. This salad is topped with our vegan seitan Porterhouse Steak and almond-based Feta. Slice the steak into thin strips (or cubes, if you prefer) and marinade in your choice of sauce (liquid aminos works well) then pan fry.

Sprinkle a healthy dose of Feta on top, then add a dressing of your choice.

The possibilities for salads are endless!

You could easily swap out the Feta for any of our cheeses, and our Chicken would work well instead of the Porterhouse.

Porterhouse Steak and Feta are available for purchase through our a la carte menu.

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