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Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Would you like to serve up a delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal this year? If so we're here to help! We're offering several specialty items that include a Thanksgiving Turkey Roast plus several kinds of vegan butters, cheeses, and a few choice other items to go along with the rest of your holiday meal. All of these items are available for pre-order in person by visiting one of our upcoming pop-ups:

Thanksgiving Turkey - $25
(unstuffed OR with cranberry wild rice stuffing)

Maple Butter - $5 (4oz.) or $9 (8oz.)
Apple Honey Butter - $5 (4oz.) or $9 (8oz.)
Plain Butter - $8 (8oz.)

Camembert - $6 (4oz.) or $20 (14oz.)
Smoked Gouda - $8
Cranberry White Cheddar - $8

Smoky House BBQ Ribs - $8 (13oz.)
Bacon - $8 (10oz.)
All-American Breakfast Sausage - $8 (12oz.)
Maple Sage Breakfast Sausage - $8 (12oz.)

The items above will be available to pre-order in person at the following pop-ups while supplies last:
10/22 - Beer with the Vegan Butchers at Sisyphus Brewing, 4-7pm
10/24 - Sidhe Brewing Pop-Up, 12-3pm
11/4 - Capella Tower Market, 11-2pm
11/14 - Mill City Farmers Market, 10-1pm

Pick-up of all items pre-ordered must occur at one of the following pop-ups:
11/18 - Capella Tower, 11-2pm
11/19 - Sisyphus Brewing, 4-7pm
11/21- Rainbow Chinese, 11-2pm

(*Smoked Gouda & Cranberry White Cheddar will be available to purchase directly at the final three pop-ups as supplies last)

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