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      Spotlight: Mary Bue

      Name: Mary Bue

      Current City: Minneapolis, MN

      Occupation: Musician, owner/instructor at Imbue Yoga

      What inspired you to switch to a plant-based diet?
      I was on and off for many years. Finally, I watched a ton of documentaries and read a few books like The Food Revolution by John Robbins. I immersed myself in tons of information and it became apparent that the only way I could live compassionately was to not eat any animal products. What really tipped me over the edge was the cruelty, the environment, and I've always been a health nut.

      Did you notice any changes after you switched to a plant-based diet?
      My energy evened out. I'm passionate but had some depression and anxiety and feel like I'm on a more even keel now. Ethically and spiritually, I feel more in tune.

      Do you participate in any vegan-related organizations?
      I helped start a Duluth Vegans group. I just did a benefit for the Animal Rights Coalition at my yoga studio. It was a potluck and class. Last winter, I did a music video release party for my song "Veal" which benefited the Animal Humane Society. 



      What do you do to stay physically active?
      I do a lot of yoga. I'm also a runner. I've run about 10 half marathons and one full marathon. I'm just getting back into it since I broke my shoulder snowboarding. I'll probably do a half marathon this fall. 

      Do you have a book or film that you'd encourage people to check out?
      Forks Over Knives and The Food Revolution are my go-to's. I'm also reading The Sexual Politics of Meat. It's about feminism and the meat industry, and it's profound.

      Favorite local restaurant: I've loved Ecopolitan since college. It's so interesting; I'm not a raw vegan but I enjoy it.

      Where do you buy groceries?
      I've been living in Duluth so I'm always at Whole Foods Co-op. In Minneapolis, I've gone to Eastside Co-op and Seward Co-op.

      Favorite animal: I'm a cat person, all types of cats and especially big cats. And manatees!

      What's one thing on your bucket list?
      I'd love to go to Bali and India to explore Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. My lineage is a style called Viniyoga and I'd love to study there. Bali has tons of yoga retreats, too.

      What's one piece of advice that you would offer to someone interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet?
      Start incorporating more plants/produce into your diet. Make a checklist if it helps to make sure you add in beans and grains and vegetables. Check out cookbooks like The Kind Diet; start simple. Eat as fresh and close to the earth as you can.

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