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Recipe: Chorizo Omelettes

One of our favorite fans on Instagram is @gypseavegan, and this week she's sharing her recipe for Chorizo Omelettes using our Mexican Chorizo, Pepper Jack Cheese and Follow Your Heart's VeganEgg which we sell at the shop.

Add 2 heaping tbsp of the VeganEgg to 1/2 cup very cold water. Briskly whisk or throw the mixture in a Bullet or small blender. If you do the latter, put the water in first, otherwise the the VeganEgg will get pushed to the bottom by the temperature of the water and won't distribute evenly. A small silicone spatula helps get out every last bit of mixture which helps it fluff when cooking.

Pre-grease a pan or skillet with some Herbivorous Butcher Salted Butter then pour in the VeganEgg.

Add 1/4 cup of dime sized pieces or shreds of Herbivorous Butcher Pepper Jack Cheese to one half, then add Mexican Chorizo on top of the cheese.

Flip the plain half of the VeganEgg onto the one with cheese and chorizo.  Wait about 4-5 minutes at medium heat (turn it up a little if it's not giving a significant sizzle) then flip with a big spatula.

Wait another 5-6 minutes so the cheese and chorizo can heat up, then enjoy!

You can add other ingredients like cilantro or finely chopped onions but this is a delicate omelette. Consider doubling the VeganEgg recipe if you want to add more ingredients. Serve with rice and beans or perhaps a side of avocado toast!

If you have a meal idea you'd like us to share, send the recipe and photos to laura@theherbivorousbutcher.com.

Top photo provided by @gypseavegan.

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