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The Herbivorous Butcher

Meat & Cheese Sampler

$ 80.00

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MEAT AND CHEESE SAMPLER: This collection of vegan meats and cheeses is so versatile your mind will be popping non-stop with the possibilities: Maple-glazed Bacon, Chicken, Capicola Ham, Dill Havarti, and Garlic Pepper Havarti.

MAPLE GLAZED BACON (8 oz): this vegan beauty tastes and behaves just like bacon, so sizzle it up and stack it on your favorite sandwich, breakfast plate, BLT, or appetizer. Throw it into pasta, mac and cheese, or roasted brussels sprouts. It’s bacon – we know you already have some of your own plans for this one.

Maple Glazed Bacon ingredients: vital wheat gluten, water, maple syrup, fat(vital wheat gluten, tapioca flour, water, sunflower oil, salt), soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil, liquid smoke, less than 2% of: nutritional yeast, salt, beet powder, agar agar, spice

CHICKEN (14 oz): go ahead and grill it, fry it, or double-batter and deep fry it, our chicken is ready for any occasion, whether you’re in the mood for chicken kabobs, chicken fingers, grilled chicken pasta, chicken parmigiana, chicken pot pie, or chicken sandwiches with our Maple-Glazed Bacon and Garlic Pepper Havarti.

Chicken ingredients: water, vital wheat gluten, soy milk, tahini, spice, less than 2% of: miso, nutritional yeast, garbanzo flour, tapioca flour, sunflower oil, agar agar, sugar, non-chicken powder(nutritional yeast, salt, extra virgin olive oil, spice, turmeric)

CAPICOLA HAM (8 oz): a savory, slightly saltier deli meat with faux-fat marbled in, Capicola is a stand-alone star and a great team player. Feature it in vegan eggs benedict, put it on a pizza or charcuterie plate, or pair it with our Garlic Pepper or Dill Havarti, arugula, tomatoes, and garlic aioli for a fantastic sandwich for any time or season.

Capicola Ham ingredients: vital wheat gluten, tomato juice, fat(vital wheat gluten, tapioca flour, water, coconut oil, salt), apple juice, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, nutritional yeast, soy sauce, liquid smoke, less than 2% of: beet powder, spice, brown sugar, agar agar, salt

DILL HAVARTI (5 oz): one of our best-selling vegan cheeses – its cool, complex blend of flavors and fresh dill dovetail nicely with all sorts of breads, deli meats, and crackers. Like all our cheeses, it’s great cold and is easily sliceable, but will also melt evenly on hot sandwiches with meats like our Capicola Ham and is brilliant in quesadillas with our grilled Chicken.

Dill Havarti ingredients: soy milk, coconut oil, tapioca flour, lemon juice, salt, less than 2% of: white wine vinegar, nutritional yeast, miso paste, kappa carrageenan, dill

GARLIC PEPPER HAVARTI(5 oz): freshly roasted garlic and freshly cracked black pepper come together in this rich, creamy cheese that’s great on a charcuterie plate, sliced on sandwiches with chicken or your favorite deli meats, or melted into mac and cheese or top of any type of burger.

Garlic Pepper Havarti ingredients: soy milk, coconut oil, tapioca flour, lemon juice, salt, less than 2% of garlic, white wine vinegar, nutritional yeast, miso paste, kappa carrageenan, spice

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