Benefit for Jacob - Silent Auction Items

We will hold a public silent auction from December 6-11, and all proceeds will benefit Jacob who was involved in a van-to-bike collision on November 18 which resulted in a broken let. You can read more about it here

We are also hosting a 4-course vegan dinner on December 11, and all of the ticket money will benefit Jacob as well. Purchase tickets here

Here are the donated items (updated regularly!):

Gift cards: Pizza Nea (4 x $25), Barbette, Tiny Diner, Bryant Lake Bowl, Draft Horse, Reverie, Artcrank, Northern Lights Witch, Bitesquad, Key's Cafe, Sheridan Room, Quixotic Coffee, Apricot Lane, Bitesquad ($50), The Sheridan Room ($25), Fresh Thyme, Riverdel, Juice So Good, Local Crate, Reverie


Double Take Salsa: 2 gift boxes of salsa
The Ellen Show: Argyle Adult Onesie, hats, mugs, t-shirts
Punk Rawk Labs: 4-cheese pack
Modern Radio Record Label: Sims LP (Bad Time Zoo), poster (51 and 64 out of 129), t-shirt
Bee Free Honee: chocolate honee & apple honee
Paisley Pistol: bandanas
Van Paper: toilet paper
Food Building: t-shirt
Yarnies: Sleepy Burt
Dock 6 Pottery: coaster set
Tiny Footprint Coffee: 2- 16oz bags of coffee
Herbivore Clothing: Eat Like You Give A Damn cookbook and tote
Urban Forage Winery & Cider House: 2 bottles of Cherry Apple Cider
Best of NE Mpls: coffee mugs
Goodnight Loon by Abe Sauer
Abe Coffee gift set
Peace Coffee: gift set
Vegan Diner by Julie Hasson
Vegan Food Gifts by Joni Marie Newman
Bravo! by Ramses Bravo
Simple Recipes for Joy by Sharon Gannon
The Vegan Way book by Jacqueline Day
The Great Rabbino: baseball signed by Jack Morris
New Ethic Strength & Conditioning: Fitness or Nutrition Consultation
i like you: MSP/STP Tumbler and decorative plate
Microblading by Ally: One free session, plus touch-up
Prints from Wicked Liz
Sandbox Theatre: 4 tickets to Big Money
Create Laser Arts: holiday ornaments, HB magnets
iApparel: Papi, Soy Vegana tank top and Mami, Soy Vegano t-shirt
Follow Your Heart: 8 boxes of VeganEgg
Haus Salon/Catherine LLeras: 60 minute massage or facial
460's Journal/Catherine LLeras: 60 minute psychic reading
Vegan East: one dozen cupcakes
PLNT BSD: tank top and pom hat
Comfort Candy: caramels & cookies
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Spotlight: Marco Antonio Regil

Enfoque: Marco Antonio Regil

Ubicación: Sur de California

Ocupación: He sido un conductor de televisión por 30 años

¿Qué te inspiró a adoptar una dieta vegana?
Inicialmente, fueron los animales. Estaba aprendiendo inglés y contraté a un profesor de voz, y no sabía que él era uno de los más grandes activistas veganos en el área y un gran amante de los animales. Mientras trabajábamos juntos, poco a poco me dio información sobre los animales, el planeta y la salud. Sobre todo, fue la crueldad de los animales lo que me impacto más. Me dirigió a sitios web y documentales. Vi "Glass Walls" de PeTA, y eso fue todo-lloré como un bebé, me rompió el corazón, y no pude seguir siendo parte de ese estilo de vida.  

¿Notaste alguna diferencia mental o física después de cambiar a una dieta vegana?
Estaba saliendo de la dieta de Atkin cuando me convertí en un vegano, tenia acné y no me sentía bien. Luego perdí 30 libras y me sentí muy bien. Tenía más energía, y ahora es rara la vez que tengo un resfriado. Si miras una foto de mí de hace 9 años en comparación con ahora me veo igual, y  incluso la gente me dice que me veo mejor.

¿Estás afiliado con alguna organización relacionada con el veganismo?
¡Con Todas! Trabajo en estrecha colaboración con PeTA; juntos creamos donde hemos estado traduciendo una gran cantidad de materiales y publicando videos. Hicimos un video donde fuimos al este de Los Ángeles para romper los mitos de ser vegano y hasta ofrecí tacos de jackfruit a la gente. Hicimos un vídeo vegano de compras en el este de la ciudad para que la gente no pueda decir que el veganismo es sólo para la gente rica.

También trabajo con Mercy for Animals, una organización mexicana llamada Animal Heroes, Humane Society y Animal Equality.

¿Tienes un libro o una película que le recomendarías a alguien que esté interesado en aprender más sobre el veganismo?
Si se trata de la salud, Forks Over Knives, sobre todo porque la mayoría de personas se preocupan por su propia salud.

"Glass Walls" con Paul McCartney es sólo 15 minutos, y luego si quieres algo mas profundo, ve Earthlings.

Restaurante favorito: Trilogy Sanctuary en San Diego es increíble.

¿Dónde sueles comprar tus alimentos?
Voy a las cooperativas, Whole Foods, una cadena llamada Jimbo en el sur de California. Recientemente empecé a usar Últimamente me encuentro haciendo un montón de compras allí.

Dinos una de tus metas de la vida.
Quiero pedalear el mundo entero. Soy un ciclista y pronto haré mis primeras 100 millas por los animales en Cozumel.  Me gustaría viajar por todas partes con mi bicicleta y comer deliciosa comida vegana.

¿Qué es un consejo que te gustaría ofrecer a alguien interesado en la transición a una dieta basada en plantas?
Cuando quieras hacer cambios, si deseas que duren, tienes que comprometerte como si fuera un cambio de estilo de vida y no una dieta. Empieza a leer,  a ver documentales y encuentra apoyo. Tienes que ser paciente contigo mismo—sea que necesites días, meses o años. Cuando puedas reprogramar tu subconsciente, entonces el cambio durará y se hará automático.


Name: Marco Antonio Regil

Current location: Southern CA

Occupation: I've been a Spanish-speaking television host for 30 years

What inspired you to transition to a plant-based diet?
Initially, it was the animals. I was learning English and I hired a speech coach, and little did I know, he was one of the biggest plant-based activists in the LA area and a big animal lover. As we worked together, he would sneak in information about animals, the planet, and health. It was mostly the cruelty to animals that shocked me. He would direct me to websites or documentaries, and I watched "Glass Walls" by PETA, and that was it. I cried like a baby -- it broke my heart, and I couldn't continue being a part of it anymore.

Did you notice any mental or physical differences after you switched to a plant-based diet?
I was coming out of the Atkin's diet when I went vegan, and my skin was breaking out and I wasn't feeling good. Then I lost 30 pounds and I felt great. I had more energy, and now I rarely get a cold. If you look at a picture of me from 9 years ago compared to now, I look the same, and people tell me I even look better.

Are you affiliated with any vegan-related organizations?
All of them! I work closely with PETA; we created where we have been translating a lot of materials and posting videos. We made a video where we went to east LA to crush the myths of being vegan and offered jackfruit tacos to people. We did a vegan shopping video in east LA so people can't say it's only for rich people. 

I also work with Mercy for Animals, a Mexican organization called Animal Heroes, the Humane Society, and Animal Equality.

Do you have a book or film you'd recommend to someone who's interested in learning more about veganism?
If it's about health, Forks Over Knives, especially since most people care about their own health. 

"Glass Walls" with Paul McCartney is only 15 minutes, and then if you want to get deeper, watch Earthlings. 

Favorite Restaurant: Trilogy Sanctuary in San Diego is amazing.

Where do you typically buy groceries?
I go to co-ops, Whole Foods, a chain called Jimbo's in southern CA. Recently I started using I find myself doing a lot of shopping there lately.

Tell us one thing on your bucket list.
I want to pedal the whole world. I'm a cyclist and doing my first 100 miles for the animals in Cozumel soon. I would like to travel everywhere with my bike and eat delicious vegan food.

What's one piece of advice you'd offer someone interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet?
When you want to make changes, if you want them to last, you have to engage it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. Start reading, start watching documentaries, find support. Be patient with yourself whether you need days, months or years. When you can reprogram your subconscious mind, then the change will last and become automatic.

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Twin Cities Veg Fest Spotlight: Mike Wolf

Name: Mike Wolf

Occupation: Investigations Manager for Compassion Over Killing - I'm a former undercover investigator, and now I recruit investigators and oversee them when they're in the field. 

The last two investigations that we released have both gone viral. One is from Quality Pork Processors, a pork slaughter plant and exclusive supplier to Hormel. They're located in Austin, MN. Our latest was with Tyson Foods, released a couple months ago.

What inspired you to switch to a plant-based diet?
About 11 years ago, my dog Curly died. Curly was my best friend and like a brother to me. When he died, it was a very difficult time and hit me really hard. I spent a lot of time online looking up pet loss and came across information on how dogs are slaughtered and eaten in other countries. I'd heard of it before but hadn't thought about it, but then I thought, if Curly had been born in one of those countries, he would have been on a factory farm and hit and kicked and beaten, then one day killed and put on someone's plate.

The thought was really disturbing but then I realized I was still eating other animals. It seemed hypocritical and during my mourning, I thought about how I was participating in that treatment and slaughter of other animals. I went vegetarian within a couple weeks of Curly's death. 

A couple months after that, I was working in the field as an investigator and shortly after  that, I adopted a vegan lifestyle and diet.

Did you notice any physical or mental differences after transitioning to a plant-based diet?
Absolutely. Physically, I had a faster recovery after lifting. Overall, I felt better. I didn't feel weighed down after a meal. That bloated, sick feeling disappears after you start eating vegan. Mentally, I was happier. I was much more content and satisfied in my life and felt like I was living up to my morals. My eyes were opened, and once they're open, there's no going back.

Are you affiliated with any vegan-related organizations?
Compassion Over Killing celebrates its 21st year working in animal protection. Throughout that time, we've conducted dozens of investigations in meat, egg, and dairy industries, and they've led to several different types of positive outcomes. 

I'm also affiliated with PlantBuilt, an all vegan, all natural fitness competitive team. It's comprised of bodybuilders, powerlifters, kettlebellers and cross-fitters. This year we're adding Olympic weight lifters and Strongman competitors as well. It started a few years ago by the founders of They wanted to smash the stereotypes surrounding vegan diets.

What do you do to stay physically active?
I train for power lifting 4 days per week: 2 heavy days and 2 light days. The main focus of my training is the bench press. I also dead lift.

What book or movie relating to veganism would you recommend?
Movie: Earthlings was done incredibly well from start to finish, covering every aspect of how animals are used. I would also recommend our Investigation Page which will give you a glimpse into the lives of animal in every aspect of the animal agriculture industry.

Book: I recommend The Chain by Ted Genoways. Ted is a fantastic writer, very descriptive, and captures your interest right away. We've had the pleasure of working with Ted a couple times now in relation to the Quality Pork Processors investigation. (See the NY Times article here.) The book has a lot of really great information surrounding Quality Pork Processors, the USDA, Hormel, HIMP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points-Based Inspection Models Project) and issues that are really important right now. The USDA is going to make a decision soon whether or not to implement the HIMP program to all pig slaughterhouses, which is the program that they follow at QPP. It's essentially a high speed slaughter program that pulls USDA inspectors off of the lines and speeds lines up to a pace that forces the workers to conduct inhumane shortcuts in order to keep up.  

Favorite restaurant: Sage... I love a lot of vegan restaurant but this has been one of my favorite places to go to. I'm very partial to their pizza. I'm looking forward to adding The Herbivorous Butcher to my list very soon!

Favorite place to buy groceries: Whole Foods and Sprouts - Whole Foods has a fantastic amount of vegan products. It's like walking into a vegan mecca. I'm a big fan of Sprouts' produce, and they carry a lot of vegan options.

Tell us one thing on your bucket list: I have a firm believe that one day we will live in a vegan world. Whether or not that happens in my lifetime remains to be seen, but even if not I think we'll see change on a massive scale during our lifetime on how animals are being used and abused. It's starting to happen, and we've seen a lot of positive changes in the last several years. It's the tip of the iceberg.

I want to complete a 400-pound competition style raw bench press. Competition style has 3 judges surrounding you and you have to perform it up to their standards. You have to do it with a pause, lower the bar to your chest, then wait for a press command. It makes it much more difficult to perform.

What's one piece of advice you'd like to offer someone who's working on the transition to a plant-based diet?
Congratulations! You'll look back on it as one of the greatest if not the greatest decision of your life. The only thing you'll question is why you didn't do it sooner. You'll feel amazing from Day 1 and it'll keep getting better and better: physical and emotionally/mentally.

Make it fun and diverse! When I first transitioned, it was all new to me since I was living on the road and in hotels. It was confusing and intimidating, and I lived off pasta that I cooked in my hotel rooms. It worked for the time being, but there's so much more. There are so many different things to eat; I'm still learning about them even. There's never a time when you won't be able to find something. Find what you really love to start and then expand.

You can see Mike speak at Twin Cities Veg Fest on October 29 at 11:30am. Learn more about Compassion Over Killing on their website:

RSVP to our Facebook event for TCVegFest for sneak peeks at our menu offerings and other news.

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