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      2023 Minnesota State Fair

      vegan crunchwrap with a side of dairy free sour cream

      Minnesota State Fair

      The 2023 Minnesota State Fair runs from August 24 to Septemper 4. We're excited to return to the Food Building and want to introduce you to this year's menu!

      halves of a vegan crunchwrap side by side with dairy free sour cream

      Crunchy Balboa

      It's a Philly Cheesesteak Cruchwrap! You'll enjoy a deep-fried tortilla filled with vegan roast beef, bacon, and cheese sauce with peppers, onions and a hash brown patty. And we're serving it with Follow Your Heart seasoned sour cream.

      square bing in a vegan egg roll wrapper over a bed of greens

      Lord of the Bings

      We think you'll love this take on a bing: bean thread noodles with Beyond Meat, caramelized onions, shredded carrots, and white cheddar cheese sauce packed into a spring roll wrapper and fried, nestled over a bed of cabbage. 

      stacked halves of a bing in a vegan egg roll wrapper over a bed of greens

      Due to the size of our food stall, these are the only two items we're offering but we look forward to sharing them to you! Both contain gluten, soy, and coconut.

      See you at the fair!




      By ML, on

      These were superb! I had them at the fair. Will you ever offer these in your shop?

      By Laurie, on

      These two were amazing! Next year you should try Kimchi sourdough Grilled Cheez bites with black sesame butter and garlic sambal aioli – even better if it is on a stick

      By Kiki, on

      Enjoyed your Crunchy Balboa today at the fair. Absolutely delicious! I wish I lived in town so I could sample more dishes.

      By Kay Carlson, on

      My wife and I got both, cuz honestly it seemed like a good deal and heck yeah it sure was! Our taste buds were blown away man! We weren’t able to finish it all in one sitting at the fair but save it and it kept well on a cool day. On our way out of the fair we even stopped by to grab a round to bring home for the next day. Yes, it was THAT damn good!
      Then there’s always the meat comparable question, yes I do eat meat, on the regular, and the texture I would saw was no different for me. I just loved the flavor and it just tastes so damn good! Great work guys! Thank you!

      By Katie Murray, on

      Tried the balboa at the fair and it was absolutely amazing. We’re going one more time and I will be getting it again and think we need to try lord of the bings too. Way to hit it out of the park.

      By Florence Brammer, on

      I can’t wait to try both!

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