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Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival

Portland welcomed the second annual Vegan Beer and Food Festival on June 11, and the day could not have been more perfect. Zidell Yards sits on the waterfront, a cool breeze filled the air, and we could feel the excitement as we entered the grounds.

We settled in and awaited the start of the VIP hour to see who would be first in line, and our new friend André achieved the coveted spot. Find him on Instagram: @UnhealthyVegan! He was quickly followed by many of our other Instagram friends, such as @wokwildside @thisistheveganlife @youngheike @plantbasedfatkid and @veganbygrace.

Then the notifications started rolling in as everyone began to chow down on their Walking Chicken and Waffles.



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Lunch goals.🍗

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The line didn't stop, and we sold out close to closing time.

We also spent some time chatting with The Vegan Zombie, you can click here to watch the video.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and showed us some love. We had a blast!


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By Shirl Lundstrom, on

We need a festival like this in Minnesota!!!

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