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We collect orders Monday through Sunday, make & package orders the next Monday through Sunday, then ship out the next Monday.

SALES START NOVEMBER 20 ~10am CST! This winter feast include a Ham Roast, Maple Bacon, Summer Sausage, Garlic Pepper Havarti, and Herb Cheddar.
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Enjoy a mighty feast with a stuffed Turkey, Maple Sage Breakfast Sausage, Smoked Gouda, Chive Cheddar, Dandies Marshmallows plus recipes!
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School's in session and winter cometh. We know you want something easy and delicious for din-din after a long day and we've got you covered! Let your culinary imagination run wild with Marinated Steak, Herbed Chicken, Chorizo, Hickory Bacon, and White Cheddar Sauce (or let our recipes do the work for you).
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For goodness sake, I think we can all agree it’s time there was a pack dedicated to gluten-free goodness, so we put together some of our customers' most favorite picks that'll play nicely together. Mix em, melt em into sandwiches, or match them with some lovely vegetables, starches, wines, gluten-free beer - it’s yours for the cooking!
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All the vegan deli meats and cheeses you need to make our favorite sandwiches celebrated on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – no cooking necessary! Follow our as-seen-on-TV recipes for the Italian Cold Cut and Turkey Dill Havarti or mix and match em your own way – these reigning champs will bring home the gold whether they’re hot or cold!  
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Maple Glazed Bacon, Chicken, Capicola Ham, and Cheeses! This new collection of our most popular vegan meats and cheeses is so versatile your mind will be popping non-stop with the possibilities: Maple Glazed Bacon, Chicken, Capicola Ham, Dill Havarti, and Garlic Pepper Havarti.
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Our Vegan Starter Kit features ten of our most popular items, as well as meal plans, recipes for each product, and meat-free meat for 24 meals and 6 snacks. 
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Teriyaki Jerky, Sizzlin' Cajun Jerky, and Salt 'N Peppa Jerky all have their bags packed and are anxious to land in your neighborhood so you can join in on the biggest meat-free jerky party ever seen this side of the Mason Dixon line. Each sampler contains 18oz. of product with an even split of the three for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

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Every week, you'll find a limited offering of some of our most popular items. Don't see your favorite item yet? Don't worry, we'll add new items from time to time. Did we run out of what you wanted to order? The early bird gets the vegan worm, but don't worry - we'll make more next week! Pick at least 5 (but no more than 10) items. 
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